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"Garok give life for champion. Champion say what Garok do and Garok do with full heart and strength."

Garok is an exceptionally strong orc who does not fear his enemies. After loosing his family to Dorek and being taken to the Mire, he is eager and ready to help Arkail and the Resistance in their fight against the humans.


Garok suffered a severe head trauma when he was younger, so his speech is impaired. Despite of that he can communicate effectively and while growling a lot and appearing angry and dangerous, he is a very kind and helpful orc to his brethren.



Childhood and Growing up

Garok grew up amongst the Black Rock Clan. When he was young, a volcanic rock fell on his head but he survived thanks to the shaman of the clan. As he suffered permanent brain damage the others made fun of him, which he got even for with his strength. He would become invaluable for all sorts of construction work and, of course, fights.

Death of his family

He had a loving wife called Mimisha and two young children. One day, however, Dorek, the Trainer, appeared and killed his family and nearly Garok himself. When Garok awoke again, his family was dead and he taken to The Mire.

Of Orcs and Men

Meeting Arkail

After seeing Arkail win the Row, Garok made some noise with a few other orcs. Adek noticed and asked Arkail to go calm them down. Berated by the winner of the Row, the orcs agree to relax and disguise the death of some Imperial guards as accident. Garok then follows Adek into the Resistance hideout.

Supporting the Revolt

When Arkail talks to him he learns about his past and his dedication to fight for a good cause. Garok joins and fights in the revolt by the tower pillar, while Arkail and Styx rescue Arkence.

Due to his strength and fearless commitment to a war in good cause, he makes an excellent "Lion" for Arkail's special commando group in the revolt of The Mire.

If Garok was chosen as part of the raiding party, Adek will later report how well he fought in the front lines. It is not clear whether Garok survives the revolt.