Helledryn is a human captain of the C.A.R.N.A.G.E squad.

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Hellerdryn is the captain of the C.A.R.N.A.G.E. Squad, a group of elite humans dedicated to killing off all Goblins. Also, further on in the storyline it is mentioned that she can out-drink almost everyone else.

Styx: Shards of Darkness Edit

Helledryn makes her first appearance while ambushing, trying to make a deal with the Styx. She instructs him to retrieve an "ambassadors scepter" on an airship. In exchange for completing this task she promises Styx to supply him with ample amounts of the mysterious elixir known as Amber, the source of Styx's powers. After learning of what happened during the airship, she proposes to infiltrate Korrongar.

During the infiltration to the summit held Korrongar, Styx offers her an elf heavy armor suit in order to blend in. Once Styx has informed her who Djarak has been shapeshifted to, she exposes him to the council, however he manages to escaped.

After the news of talking goblin broke out in Korrongar, she suggests Styx to strip off his equipment and blend in with the rest in order to be smuggled into a hunter town.

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Helledryn is a tall human female. She is well dressed, donning a suit of armour, with a metal chestplate embossed with a red & black logo, presumably of the organisation which she works for, though it is currently unknown what this organisations name is or what its goal is.

She wears a metal chestplate complete with what appears to be a leather baldric and a purple cape, with a chainmail vest & skirt beneath the chestplate. She also has a royal purple sash tied around her waist, as well as possessing metal wrist and foot bracer armor pieces. In a close up shot shown in the official E3 Trailer she has two scars on her face, one cutting through her right eyebrow, and another, more fresh appearing one appearing just below her lip on the right hand side.

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-E3 2016- Styx- Shards of Darkness - E3 Trailer

-E3 2016- Styx- Shards of Darkness - E3 Trailer