Knights as they appear in-game





Knights are powerful and fearsome enemies that appear in Styx: Master of Shadows.

Appearance Edit

Knights are heavily armoured foes wearing armour in varying colours, ranging from white to red, to black.

Strategy Edit

Unlike the vast majority of enemies within Styx: Master of Shadows, Knights are completely immune to Styx's standard methods of assassination. Throwing knives, sneak attacks, covered kills and aerial assassinations are completely useless against them. As if that wasn't enough, if caught by the Knights, Styx will be killed instantly as he cannot enter a duel with them like he can with other enemies such as Crossbowmen and standard Akenash Soldiers.

However, whilst Styx's preferred methods of attack may not work as means of dispatching these foes, more unconventional methods of killing, such as pushing them from ledges, poisoning water wells and fruit bowls, setting a trap with a clone inside a chest or closet, and crushing them with chandeliers and crane weights will all work as means for defeating them.

And even if a ledge or crane weight isn't in the vicinity for Styx to utilise to his advantage, Knights are also susceptible to being bound temporarily by Styx's clones, allowing him to slip past them unnoticed, whilst they are entangled by the latter's duplicate. Styx can also use his clones to lure Knights and other guards out of the area if need be so he can press forward more easily.

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