Enter the... of Arkail and Styx, two greenskins on the Iserian Continent, fighting for their races survival. Their story and every detail about their world is collected here, by fans for fans.

Of Orcs And Men establishes the world and introduces us to the main players within it, Arkail and Styx. It was developed as an RPG game with a very linear level design and features a clear story progression until the finale. While Arkail is the strong and powerful fighter, Styx employs ranged and magical methods to deal with his enemies. His popularity lead to a prequel to Of Orcs And Men, retelling and expanding on Styx's origin story: Styx: Master Of Shadows. True to Styx's character, this is a Stealth game and ties in wonderfully to what we already know. Following the success of that, Styx: Shards Of Darkness was created, placing itself between the two previous games. Again, a Stealth game that focuses on Styx's movements and even lets us have a brief glimpse at what is to come in Of Orcs And Men.

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