Orcs are a race that appear in the Of Orcs and Men. They are persecuted by the human empire, led by Damocles

Described by Styx as "all muscle and nerves," the orcs are the native race of the Southern Lands, and are known for their brute strength. In Akenash, orcs were enslaved and used as a type of alarm, pounding their fists into the ground and roaring to alert nearby allies of an intruder.

War with the HumansEdit

When the emperor, Damocles, united the northern human kingdoms into his Empire, he set to work to conquer the southern lands of the orcs. Though the orcs were faced with superior armies and weapons, the southern people resisted, and the humans saw value in this. The humans would begin to enslave the orcish people, and use their raw strength in constructing a towering Wall, as well as defenses in the tower of Akenash.


The orcs seem to revere a deity known as "Mother Earth." What this deity represents is not known, however it can be assumed that she is goddess of nature, purely off of her name.

Within their clans, the orcs make use of shamans to interpret the will of Mother Earth.


Most, if not all, orcs dwell within clans. The laws of these clans possibly vary from clan to clan, but it can be assumed that they follow similar values of honor and strength in battle. It is revealed by Arkhaïl that when an orc is captured for slavery, they "do not exist," anymore, possibly as a sign that they bring dishonor and shame to the orcs.

Notable ClansEdit

  • Turquoise Dawn: This clan was almost entirely wiped out by the human empire, with the sole survivor being an orc known as The Last.
  • Red Breath: The clan of Arkhaïl, the Red Breath clan was known for surrendering to the humans whilst they were under the leadership of Mharloc, Arkhaïl's father.

Notable orcsEdit