Torturers Edit

Torturers are aggressive enemies found in Styx: Master Of Shadows from mission 2 onward. They are dressed in a black gown and wear a hood similar to that worn by Styx. They carry a small war axe that does medium to high amount of damage. They can be challenged to a duel and take two parries to kill, their axe swings between slow and fast. Torturers can be killed in a number of ways including: Crushed by a cargo crate or a chandelier, pushed from a ledge, assassinated, poisoned, killed by a trapped clone, killed by an elf, hanging killed, air assassinated or slain in in combat.

They are hard to find in Styx: Master Of Shadows, and generally spawn where there are inquisitors and doctors. Killing a torturer will unlock the achievement: A dose of his own medicine.